Is the Jam Session Room a treasure to be mined?

Short answer: Yes. More precisely. This is an opportunity to see and hear the music, the instrument tracks, as they were created, with tracks offered as solo works. Nowhere else on the internet can you get a glimpse into the inner workings of music composition. This give the listener the opportunity to play along with the “band” or the “orchestra”, and even record a track of their own. In doing so, the musician or singer can take part in a virtual jam session. So if you’re missing a drummer, just play the drum track. Missing a drummer and organist? Play the drum and organ track. Did we mention that usage of the site and all the functions is absolutely FREE? Heck, we don’t even ask you to login or give us your email address. Unheard of in this era of pushy internet promoters and would-be millionaire makers. We’ve all seen enough of those on you tube, eh? By the way, did you know that “eh” is an old Italian saying? Yes, from Roseto Valfortore, Foggia, Italy. And the Americans think it’s a Canadian slang term. Gufffawww!

Now back to the treasure chest, the Jam Session Room. There is presently one song, sampled with the accompanying tracks. We intend to put up more songs and their tracks with time. Hopefully we can do that in a “timely” manner? Since already we have had some inquiries about more product. And so we must produce, produce, produce. 

So enjoy the portal. Use the materials. Play along. Record. Send us some of your work. And, tell us what you think. Your comments are important to us and the further development of this portal. Enjoy!